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“The cat sat on the mat is not a story. The cat sat on the dog’s mat is a story,” former spy-turned-multi-million-selling author John Le Carre tells us. We shamelessly stole our name from his dramatic insight.

Do you know that 70% of all purchase decisions are made based on emotion?

Because people are pussycats –they don’t buy facts, they buy feelings.

CATMATDOG is Asia Pacific’s most in-demand executive communications coach for Strategic Storytelling Skills, Persuasive Presentation Psychology, and Professional Pitch Coaching.

This means we unleash C-level executives from Fortune 500s and Startups to Captivate, Convince and Convert better with their sales and marketing efforts, business communications, and must-win pitches.

For more bark, and even more bite.

Three areas in which we can help you Captivate, Convince and Convert better:

Success Stories

Accustomed as we are to public speaking, we still prefer others to do the talking for us. Here are some very kind pats on the head from people who’ve been transformed by Stu Lloyd’s human touch:

“An exceptional program. An eye-opener, interactive, lots of examples and allows all participants to experience how to improve before and after learning.” Cluster Marketing Manager, Kimberly Clark, Malaysia.

“A great session on storytelling – you really inspired the team and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else who is looking for a great speaker.” Director of Communications, Accor Asia Pacific.

“Engaging, detailed, lively, energetic and affirming. It got me very excited to invest more of my self in storytelling.”  Graphic Designer, TBWA, Singapore.

“Wow! Fantastic! I especially appreciated your dynamic presentation.”  Executive Director, United Nations WTO

“Relevant, informative and highly entertaining.” Creative Director, Singapore Press Holdings.

“Dynamic! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive.” Conference Director, TEDx Thailand.

“Your session totally rocked! The communication, the delivery, the vision. We are proud that you made this event very special.” Director, Ayanaant Thought Leadership Conference, India.

“Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts for the #OurStory conference, we genuinely appreciate it.  You had a tough gig, balancing the needs of a diverse audience and an eclectic mix of stakeholders.”   VP Marketing, APMEA, GTA Travel.

“Love the interactive fun session. Totally enjoyed! More than just another boring sales session – now I know how to sell my story to client, thanks.” Sales Director, The Economist Group.

“Amazing, insightful and educational. Definitely relevant to my work.”  Copywriter, Media Arts Lab, Singapore.

“Stu, you never disappoint! Thanks for the hard work on the previous explosive programs. I admire your passion!” Regional Events Lead, Marketing MasterSeries.

Stu's Story

As seen and/or heard on:


When you meet, please ask Stu about being born in Zimbabwe, and his idyllic childhood growing up in Africa. Or the 65 countries he’s visited since, his passion for motorcycle touring, or world music …

A veritable ‘slash guy’ renaissance man, Stu Lloyd has been an Advertising Creative Director/ TEDx MC and Speaker Coach/ Best-selling Author (7 books with over 100,000 copies sold)/ Keynoter and Conference Chairman/ Military History Tour Guide/ Songwriter contracted to Warner Music/ Broadcaster/ and more. 

Having studied a double-major in Psychology and Mass Communications, Stu has a strong intuitive feel for what makes people tick. The science of persuasion is one of his personal passions … (well, rugby and riding motorcycles too).

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In 30 years at the intersection of creativity and commerce, he has successfully pitched and won hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business from clients such as Adidas, Microsoft, HSBC, Christian Dior, Porsche, New Zealand Tourism, Hilton Asia Pacific, Gatorade, Seagate, Mazda, Tiger Beer, etc.

During that time he won a number of awards for his persuasive copywriting of TV, radio and print materials that convinced consumers to buy more or switch brands.

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StuLloyd.com  &  Hotheads-Innovation.com 

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“In the 21st Century there’s a new superpower … it’s called presentation literacy. The good news is these skills are absolutely teachable.”

Chris Anderson, Head of TED.

We suggest you drop us a quick email and ask how we can unleash your team’s strategic storytelling, persuasive presentations performance, or doctor your team pitch. You’ll find us just on the other side of the email link below.

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